Based on a logical assessment of the facts, Israel’s 10/7 Hamas Attack, aka Israel’s 9/11, was likely a false flag event coordinated by Western/Israeli insiders in conjunction with traitorous Hamas agents in leadership positions willing to sell out their own people. No doubt a terrifying prospect but the facts speak for themselves.

In the West’s mad rush and furious effort to show the world just how evil, barbaric, and savage the Hamas terrorists were to solidify Israel’s moral position in the ongoing Israel-Palestine debacle, they made a mistake, they shared too much.

Just as America’s 9/11 led to the slaughter of millions upon millions of Arabs in the Middle East, Israel’s 9/11 is already moving in that direction and at a much quicker pace. What’s worse is that this time around, we’ll likely see it all exploding into larger conflict and going nuclear.

⚡️ The bombshell reveal comes at the end ⚡️

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this video represent words, concepts, and theories that fall under the protection of free speech via the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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