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Evilkind® Matte Black Onyx Bead Bracelet


  • Stylish, understated 8mm matte black beads with single, rustic stainless steel ring feat. the IH symbol
  • Bracelet, with elastic interior cord, measures approx. 7.5 inches in length
  • Item includes a soft white, Evilkind® stamped, eco-friendly cotton jewelry pouch

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Stylish Matte Black Onyx Bead Bracelet

Evilkind® presents to you our original matte black onyx bead bracelet.  This bracelet features the Evilkind® logo and the IH symbol. This is a unisex piece, very hip, quite understated, yet stylish, sharp and sophisticated at the same time. This bracelet goes well with both casual and formal wear, and makes a chill, swanky addition to any outfit. You could be seriously be wearing a garbage bag and this would bracelet would still look cool.

It is a once size fits just about all 8mm beaded bracelet with a single silver bead/ring featuring our trademark Evilkind® logo on one side and the IH symbol. This symbol historically served as one of the earliest representations of Christ consisting of the first two Greek letters of the name Jesus superimposed on each other, the I and the H.


The beads encase an elastic band, so it easily slips on or off, and the circumference of the bracelet runs around 8 inches.

In the world of healing stones and metaphysics, black onyx is known for some very positive and interesting aura and spirit interacting properties. According to multiple sources, black onyx can potentially absorb and transmute negative energy, aid in the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina in times of stress, and can even foster wise decision making.