Mega Church Pastor Greg Laurie’s EVIL, Fanatic Israel Logic and Lies DESTROYED by Noam Chomsky & Evilkind 👊

Americans are lied to about EVERYTHING, but you wouldn’t expect such wicked, evil, ignorant deception from a mega pastor. You probably would come to think of it…this makes perfect sense.

What America is being told about the Israeli occupation by our government, the media, and our religious leadership is patently false. Christianity in America and beyond has either been hijacked by the enemy or these folks are just straight losing their minds to a bizarre form of extreme fundamentalism. They are UNABLE to discern right from wrong. My vote’s on hijacked 👎

Evilkind stands with the victims of Israel. Evilkind stands up for the plight of the Palestinians. Evilkind stands for Jesus. #israelwar #greglaurie #noamchomsky