Okay, gang, on Nov. 6th, the NY Post featured a Dear Abby installment entitled, “I criticize my husband every day and I don’t know why.” I’m going to go ahead and tackle this one because Evilkind contends that what Abby offered up for advice did not cut it in the slightest.

Here’s what was written in:

QUESTION: I really love my husband but I can’t stop picking fights with him. I’m not sure why I behave this way but I criticize him a lot over everything from how he dresses to the fact he doesn’t do enough around the house. He’s a very placid man and the more I nag him, the quieter he gets. I begin each day promising myself that I will pick at him less but then before I know what I’m saying a scathing remark about him is coming out of my mouth. Why am I behaving this way toward him and how can I stop?

From the start, Abby was on this lady’s side. It’s not your fault, you’re not a terrible person, there must be some underlying emotional issue, etc. She followed that with, ‘criticism is damaging, your man is conflict-avoidant, you shouldn’t have to withhold your criticism– you can speak differently, girl!’ Essentially, there are better and calmer ways to express how much of a disappointing POS this guy is– you hear me? You got this!

She went on to relay what I have personally heard from women myself! The reoccurring behavior was being triggered by an internal fear rooted in a feeling of disconnectedness from her partner. The feeling of her partner not ‘really’ being there for HER was the problem! He wasn’t doing enough to make HER feel safe – so out came the vicious, vitriolic, venomous spew of spitfire this woman admitted SHE COULD NOT CONTROL. Abby’s antidote to criticism boiled down to changing up the approach and using phrases like, ‘I feel…’ ‘About what…’ ‘I need…’

Once again, all of this advice from this Abby person…the Abby HIVE– USELESS. Changing up the phrasing will not do a dang thing. This woman will continue to rip on this guy, who is too afraid to bite back until he either snaps and goes ballistic or somebody else comes along and she cheats. I can almost guarantee it. That…or this will go on forever. An endless loop of soul-crushing drama that will continue to fill both their lives with rage, guilt, regret, darkness, and evil every single day.

So what is the answer?

Alright, guys, what’s happening here is very straightforward and extremely common. This is, in fact, the same ‘issue’ that destroyed Tom Brady’s marriage to Gisele Bundchen. As much as folks want to tackle the world through an intellectual lens rooted in the material because our society is evil, Satanic, and wants to extricate Christ from the equation above all else, the spiritual maladies affecting people will always be there whether you believe it or not.

This woman’s uncontrollable, guilt-inspiring, and likely malicious mouth unleashed on her husband daily is one thousand percent DEMONIC in nature. This is the classic Jezebel spirit, and her husband shutting down and taking it, too afraid to talk back, is the classic Ahab spirit. She has become the dominant, masculine member of the union, while the husband has taken on a weak, child-like position that likely inflames her even more.

Any number of things could have ushered in this dynamic. The occult, plain-old godlessness, previous promiscuity, perversion, drugs, abortion possibly – essentially any type of habitual sin. Her parents likely exhibit some of the same dynamics, as well as his parents. It’s so common in modern culture as the Jezebel spirit is kind of taking over the world. The feminist movement and the move towards unrestrained promiscuity and sexual freedom certainly haven’t helped so this spirit’s stronghold is only intensifying. This goes back to the beginning of recorded history so there’s no escaping it without taking a spiritual approach.

What these two need is literal deliverance. I’m telling you guys, this is what’s up. You can push back, allow your pride to reject, reject, reject…but nothing will positively change for these two until they tackle these literal demons. They need to figure out Christ, figure out deliverance in a tangible way, figure out what it means Biblically for a man to be married to a woman, as in what that dynamic entails, and go from there.

Until then…more evil continually, to the point where he either flips and goes nuts or she cheats and leaves his ass in the dust– because what the Jezebel spirit wants more than anything is to DESTROY LOVE, RIP PEOPLE APART, and MAKE LIFE MISERABLE for as many people as inhumanly possible.

You can take it or leave it.