World War 3 is Coming According to the Stars (2024-2026) Must Watch!

World War 3 may be coming sooner than we think, according to certain, unavoidable astrological transits!

In this Tusker Lane exclusive (Evilkind® undercover), we explore what the planetary transits are telling us, the most likely catalyst for the next world war, when it could start, and how long this period of chaos and instability will last.

In terms of the Cliff Notes, we need to be wary of Neptune, Saturn, and the Sun, and hope the China-Taiwan situation doesn't pop off into what some have warned could literally morph into "Armageddon."

Over the last 250 years, the same astrological transits have presided over some of the world's most devastating and history-making armed conflicts. These same transits are heading right for us in the very near future, and unless we have the capacity to exercise free will in the face of certain harsh and heavy planetary influences, we may be due for a third world war that will likely go nuclear.

This presentation is by no means a definitive statement on future events and is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. We urge you to like and share this content if you find value in it.

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