The Law of Attraction Revisited

Just to reiterate, The Law of Attraction is an evil deception being propagated by occultists and new agers who have completely adopted the false religion of frequency, vibration, and co-created manifestation. 

Failure to the law of attraction disciple, the loyal defender of new age ideology, always comes down to self. If things didn’t work out in any area of your life, it was because you weren’t positive enough. You weren’t meditating, praying, or visualizing desirable outcomes enough. You were sending the wrong subconscious messages out to the universe.

For example, if you are in a tough spot financially and worrying about it, your worry, your supposed subconscious thoughts based on the circumstances, which would be perfectly normal for anyone in that situation, is causing you to think thoughts, according to the new agers, that are blocking progress, success, and money actually coming to you. Because god forbid you were ever to think to yourself, “Oh my god, I’m in a really tough bind, I really need to find a job, or a source of income. I really need things to work out etc…” God forbid you respond naturally to a precarious situation.

The new ager will tell you  - you’re thinking the wrong thoughts, negative thoughts, that’s why it’s not working out. Because apparently, the universe only understands direct subconscious statements. So because you could possibly be thinking “I’m so worried, I hope I don’t lose my home.”

The universe only hears “lose my home” “worried” “don’t wanna lose my home” - RED ALERT RED ALERT RED ALERT SPINNING RED LIGHT NEGATIVE NEGATIVITY - MUST kick into gear and lose this guy’s home! Whoops there goes your home. No money honey - wrong thoughts, negativity! Does this not seem absolutely ridiculous to you?

Because again, according to the Whatever You Wanna Call It God believer, your negative thoughts only raise the “vibration” of negativity in your life, so you will only end up attracting more negativity into your life. Somebody please prove this scientifically, empirically. It is a lie and a deception.

Life was not meant to be lived in a mental prison where you’re constantly monitoring your thoughts, or forcing yourself to visualize all the material things you wish to acquire. God did not create humans covet material things, envy the riches of others, to lust after money, success, to lust after each other as prizes, to live in a world where anything negative must be exiled, cast from sight, cast from mind. This is a state of being completely antithetical to what God originally intended for mankind created in the image of God.

None of the people, for the most part, professing this demonic doctrine, that your thoughts create your reality, positive thoughts will materialize riches, negative thoughts are sin and the root of your failure, none of these law of attraction preachers are superstars or gazillionaires or tech tycoons or real estate moguls or inventors, pioneering artists, surgeons, sports heroes, entertainment industry superstars or what not…the list goes on and on…you get my point. Successful people aren’t trying to sell you the Secret.

They are simply spiritualists heavily entrenched in the occult, completely sold out to a false religion derived from mystical, occult experiences. They are fortune tellers, mediums, hypnotic regression therapists, necromancers, ghost hunters, ufo enthusiasts, channelers, automatic writers…etc. They are all connecting with unseen entities that always deliver the same messages - essentially the religion of energy, vibration, and frequency.

Why the false religion? How can we know it’s false? Why would these so called benevolent entities want humans to believe in the new age concocted version of reality? Why would they want you to believe that life is what you make it, you chose your parents and soul tribe, you have always been the master of your own destiny, a potential master creator with manifestation levels that rival any god? Why would they want you to believe that we live lifetime after lifetime, that the true higher power out there is something called Source or the Universe or Whatever You Wanna Call It?

Most people will ignore this, shrug it off, not really care one way or the other, it is what it is. But if you’re here, you’ve read this far, I really want you to hear and process what I’m saying. The entities the new agers have been connecting with, channeling and in many cases worshipping for centuries are lying fallen angels. They are demons and devils that want you to perish in hell upon exiting this physical world.

The Bible distinctly states “My people will perish for lack of knowledge.” Many folks these days believe the Bible is false, the furthest thing from scientific, just as fairytale as all the other religions. You could possibly believe, there is no God, there is not judgement, no heaven or hell, it’s all medieval nonsense. And yet we have a world where war and death reign, murder-death-kill every day of the week, murder suicides just as often, mass shootings, lying politicians, corrupt institutions from top to bottom, a me too movement born out of systemic rape, racism that is inextinguishable, a pornified world where sex is meaningless, divorce rates at around 50%, MGTOW a real thing and the chasm between men and women growing larger and larger by the decade. Spiraling, out of control evil many will ignore as long as they can and then chalk up to human nature.

Meanwhile, the new ager, on the other side of the spectrum, has been duped by the supernatural and mystical experiences that have convinced them these entities are good and true, and are essentially driving folks further and further away from truth in Jesus and literally straight into the arms of Satan and into the pit of hell. This is why the new age wants you to believe you can have everything you want, all the money, all the sex, all the land, all the vacations, and the gourmet good life…Just go their way. Monitor those thoughts. Only concern yourself with the moment. Do not reflect on the past, forget about the future. Just the moment and all of your carnal desires…

But how do we know Jesus is real. How can one be sure that there is truth in Jesus and that everything else is an intentional, Satanic deception?

The answer lies in the reality of evil, folks. Evil is the direct result of habitual sin. Sin is that which is unrighteous, lacking in virtue, and all that is abominable to the Most High God. When one engages in habitual sin, or has been born into a family plagued by generational sin and/or generational curses (incredibly common and pervasive) the human being now has open doors giving evil entities the legal right to interfere with their lives. These unseen entities, typically traveling in large groups, or legions, seek out open doors within people to exist within them, manipulate their thoughts, and ultimately sow self destruction. This all happens along a spectrum or varying degrees of demonic possession.

Being completely possessed, as in body contortions, super human strength, heads twisting 360 degrees, is very rare. What is not rare is the state of being demonized. Having parts of your personality totally enslaved to wicked demons who are fiending for carnal lusts. The short of the short, the only way to expunge these demons is in the name of Christ. There is no other way you can fight or expel a demon from one’s life. That is how we know there is truth in Jesus.

You do not get the Law of Attraction without the false, demonic religion of frequency and personal desire.

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