The Law of Attraction is a LIE, TRAP, and a SCAM - PURE EVIL!

The Law of Attraction continues to mesmerize and enamor many folks in the self-help world enthusiastically seeking to better their lives and find SUCCESS. They are convinced gratitude and a positive attitude are mandatory at all times, raising their vibrational frequencies to match what it is they desire is an absolute necessity, and that to truly manifest what they so fervently desire they must visualize their dreams and goals, and focus their power of intention.

The reality is that all these concepts, terms, and new-age practices are derived from a false and intentionally deceptive religion that is ultimately leading people down the wide path of destruction. Evilkind® explores this evil and rules unequivocally that the Law of Attraction is a LIE, TRAP, AND A SCAM, rooted in pure evil.

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