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The Hallmark Channel is a picture perfect representation of corporate, Racist Hollywood. Any outsider looking in can clearly see there is a racial hierarchy that exists in every film, set in a magical, fantasy world where all the main characters of significance are successful, healthy, good looking, privileged and Caucasian. Not only do the storylines mix and match, rinse and repeat, typically taking the notion of cliche to the next level with just about every installment, the racial makeup of each cast seems to follow a strict formula as the projection of Aryan superiority must never be diluted. Hallmark main characters, for the great majority of the time, are typically educated, talented, WASPy, Anglo professionals who always get the job and/or promotion, the guy or girl, and the seat at the head of the table of racial dominance. Minority players in the Hallmark’s racist America are strictly there to facilitate the white man or woman’s storyline - end of story.

Minority characters are routinely introduced as peripheral and only appear to fulfill distinct character types within this sub sector group. That said, with the new diversity push spurred by the Me Too and BLM movements, African Americans are increasingly being cast and featured. Occasionally you will find an interracial relationship featured as the focal point with a black male lead, but these characters are always whitewashed, as in they lean strongly towards the Carlton black than they do to the true to form majority of America black, and rarely, if not ever, will you find a dark skinned black female lead. Black male leads are also generally paired to white women who are slightly, if not profoundly, less good looking than the average Hallmark female lead paired to another white male. This clearly sends a message, and it clearly isn’t of racial equality if you know what I mean. If a black female lead is featured, she will also be white washed, bordering on valley girl to a strong degree, and her male counterpart will typically be a fellow minority of non-black orientation, and not a WASPy, Aryan male. 

When blacks are not featured as leads, just about always, they are cast as managers, bosses, major clients, police chiefs, military leaders (not generals though), or some other type of authority figure to give the impression of black achievement and equality in this fake universe they seem to weave over and over to represent what would appear to be Hallmark’s version of ideal America, where thin, beautiful, and youthful white men and women are the kings and queens of privilege, success, and society.

Asians are featured sparsely, if at all, and are usually portrayed as nerdy, clownish, flamboyantly gay, or senior. If they can get that all in one character it’s considered a monumental achievement to be hailed as creative genius. Hallmark Asians are cartoonish and unnecessary. They will happily throw them in the background sitting in the audience of a performance featuring the supremely talented white star or at a table in a coffee shop or diner, but Asians in the eyes of Hallmark executives and producers aren’t considered appealing or worthy of distinction in the racist Hallmark construct. In the age of “China Virus” Trump, I would go so far as to say that East Asians are viewed as the enemy and not palatable to their viewership. White audiences seem to be eager to see Asians relegated to inferior roles, both consciously and subconsciously, and derive a certain satisfaction from the now expected and accepted spectacle. The films Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Gentlemen also seem to come to mind in their utterly racist portrayals of Asians. 

Latinos, in the age of “Build the Wall”, also rarely make an appearance in the Hallmark world and are either extraordinarily good looking, as to exemplify Latin heat or lust, while equally peripheral, or relegated to “help” status. Latin characters tend to show up if one of the leads has somewhat of a Latin flavor to them, as in they have darker features representing a Spanish or Portuguese member in the family tree. You will commonly find model-esque looking Latin folk filling the frame with the least amount of lines grabbing the drinks, pushing the plates around, or hauling the kids off to some cliche event, just generally doing the work. Hallmark minorities in African American, Asian, or Latino form are there to pick up the slack, demonstrate inferiority, and feed lines to the white stars of the film.

What is quite interesting though in how the racial hierarchy has evolved over the years in racist Hollywood is the role of the South East Asian - Indian. Because Hollywood has been forced to convey, at the very least, an image of diversity and inclusion, they tend to stick their white lead characters with minority bffs, co-workers, or some other type of recurring scene partner. In just about every case without fail, you will find this minority side kick of the comedic relief persuasion to be East Indian. If it’s a white female lead, this Indian counterpart will be her roommate. If our lead is white and male, his minority side kick will be the Indian office co-worker. I have my theories on why this is ranging from the concept of the noble savage to the population size of India, but whatever the case, East Indians by means of decree have been designated by the racist Hollywood god to sit at a rung higher on the ladder of racial hierarchy in relation to their minority counterparts.

The sad reality the Hallmark Channel represents, in full, crystalline form to a sickening degree, is that Hollywood is a racist, sexist, and agist industry that will likely never change. From the corporate executive level down to the cast and crew, it remains wholly exclusive to the white American. The Hallmark Channel’s purpose seems to be the uninterrupted stream and constant portrayal of white American dominance. This is propaganda in feel-good movie form where we are trained to sympathize with and root for our Aryan overlords. Minorities are an after thought, secondary in nature, never worthy of our full attention or the starring role.

Do I see anything changing in a positive direction anytime soon? Of course not. This country was built on the backs of slaves. The spirit of racism is fully entrenched here and will likely cause the descent even further into a pre-Hitler Germany type of polarized state. If Hollywood could have its way, minorities wouldn’t even exist in television and film. (Why do you think they do so many period films and episodics??) They would go straight back to segregated drinking fountains and dining areas and then throw a party to celebrate it.

The diversity push in Hollywood is a burden to these white supremacists, and the whole community is complicit from the casting director all the way down to the entry level PA in charge of background. All I can say is that just because the Hallmark Channel pushes this master race, Nazi-esque, overly cliche trash where everyone is rich, famous, successful, disease free, debt free, nauseatingly happy, and a resident of some idyllic small town where crime is non-existent - it clearly doesn’t make any of it true. But rest assured the Hallmark Channel is dutifully playing its role in this cycle of evil and racial propaganda as they push content they will continue to pass off as entertainment.

These thoughts and opinions were produced for entertainment purposes only and are protected under the 1st amendment of the US Constitution. 


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