Polyamory/Non-Monogamy/Open Relationships: Moral or Immoral? Good or Evil?


Polyamory, the open relationship, consensual non-monogamy...it's hip to love large these days, but will it work? Can it work? Some people have come to believe that monogamy is completely unnatural to our biology, but is this true? Is polyamory inherently moral or immoral, good or evil?

The big news this week was Brad Pitt's new girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski, a sexy, young, German model who happens to already be married to someone else! Apparently, they are all cool with it because Nicole and her husband, a 68-year-old, well-known restauranteur, enjoy an open marriage! Is this a triangular match made in heaven??

What are real-world results when it comes to big love? How does really it all work out and what is polyamory really all about? Cam from Evilkind® breaks down some thoughts, opinions, and final determinations based on logic, anecdotal evidence, and some basic common sense. All for entertainment purposes only of course!

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