Is Hell Real or Is It All Just Energy i.e. No Judgment?

Hell...what's the deal? A real place or a man-made concoction? Eternal damnation and separation from God, or nothing more than fairy-tale fiction?

Most worldly folks these days seem to refer to themselves as good, spiritual citizens. They hold no staunch religious affiliations, tend to refrain from any deep thought or debate on the subject, and choose to believe that no matter what happens in this world or the next, things will work themselves out in the most positive manner based on the fact that they loved the best they could, stayed out of prison, and refrained from theft, rape, and murder. On the same side of that coin, why even bother speculating when the reality of heaven or hell cannot be scientifically proven or officially endorsed by any authoritative organization other than the Church?

These peeps have yet to fall into the Evilkind® flow, and that's totally okay. Many of them are passionate about equality, social justice, the environment, their families, friends, careers, and a slew of other humanitarian, political, or environmental causes that keep them engaged and in tune with their respective communities. By all standards of measure many of these non-religious, material and world oriented folk are upstanding members of society actively contributing to making the world a better place in so far as they can comprehend what constitutes "better". 

We've all seen where fanaticism and fundamentalism can go and certainly understand how demonstrations of this behavior can serve as a monumental turnoffs or deterrents when it comes to all things religious. When we see vicious murders in the name of faith, it clearly makes you question the validity of all of it. Even followers of certain religions that fully illuminate on the realities of eternal judgement are prone to believe that no good, loving God could ever create such a damning fate for His own creation. 

We're not here to preach or strong-arm...just here to make bold statements with flash and flair, sell chill products, and serve as an example. The Bible is very clear about the existence of Hell. Due to the fallen nature of this world, it's where we're all headed upon entry into this fleeting physical plane, unless we find truth and salvation in the true, living God. When Christians talk about salvation or the concept of "being saved", this is in direct relation to sin, evil, the demonic realm, judgment, and hell.

According to Christian doctrine, if we fail to repent for our innately sinful nature, seek forgiveness from the Lord, abstain from sin as best we can, and turn to the Holy Spirit and recognize Him as the true God of this world, we will find ourselves in Hell upon expiration. It is ultimately a place wholly disconnected from God and filled with fire, fear, pain, regret, rage, and eternal discomfort, suffering, and torture. Once you've arrived, there is no escape, and if there is anything that could possibly be worse than the fate of eternal damnation, it would be the crushing feeling of regret for not taking the opportunity in life while one had the chance to find truth, salvation, and the true living God. 

Once again, the concept of hell to most people is close to anathema. It's something not even worth a second thought, a fate too horrid to be real, and a concept best left for the storybooks and cinema. At Evilkind® though, because we are acutely aware of the true nature of supernatural evil in the world, which basically translates into the demonic realm, hell is more than plausible. So for the purpose of your own personal salvation, we thought we'd link a handful of near death experiences that feature personal accounts of those who bore witness to hell as they momentarily passed on to the other side and lived to tell the world about it. 

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Howard Storm's Near Death Experience:

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