Acting Out? Overly Narcissistic? Extreme Violent Tendencies and/or Outbursts? 5 Major Signs You May Be Demon Possessed

Evil Afoot 

People freak, they lose control, they commit vile acts of violence, perversion, deceit, slander, manipulation, thievery... Then there's just general abuse, emotional or physical, bullying, hate, discrimination, narcissism, addiction, materialism to the extreme, infidelity, the torment of divorce...all behaviors that create literal and metaphorical prisons for both the perpetrators and the afflicted.

What's the deal? Why do people do the things they do? Have YOU ever found yourself on the brink of an explosive moment? Do you worry that someone you know has the potential to go off the rails in a major life-threatening way? Have you ever been on the receiving end of crazy?

Detailing the latest mass shooting, the atrocities of ISIS, or the violent acts perpetrated by cartels, or any other organization in the business of inflicting mass death and suffering has become all too commonplace and normalized. It can be bewildering and incomprehensible to think that people are reveling in death with no regard for human life. Regardless, the infestation of evil day after day is wholly apparent on its face. There's no denying the gaping void of humanity there. But what about outbursts like this?

Are these two women just behaving badly or having a bad day? Obviously this isn't normal. It probably wouldn't even be called shocking. Something's definitely up though because in both cases there is a complete lack of self-control. Not a break in rational thought, because, again in both cases, these women are attacking people they know will not fight back. Just a lack of control, based on years of pent up bitterness and anger, that can only lead to self inflicted pain down the road.

These women will have to live with their embarrassing, juvenile, disturbing displays of themselves for a good long time. Their episodes have been immortalized on the web and in the case of the drive-through lady, she faced pretty severe charges. The PDA freakout lady will likely have problems retaining friends, employment, securing employment down the road, a broad spectrum of negative repercussions.

So, are people stupid? No. Are they just slaves to their emotions? A lot of the time, yes. Can they predict and fully understand the consequences of their actions beforehand? Of course. So why does this sort of thing happen almost everyday?

Because "...our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." -Ephesians 6:12 (NIV)

To the layperson, the verse above tells us that there are unseen forces at work, scheming, manipulating, and diligently engaging with each and every one of us in order to protect and propagate the kingdom of darkness, and to send as many souls as possible to hell.

Applying this to what we've just discussed, we can infer that the those that engage in self-destructive acts of evil are likely being manipulated, or wrestled against, by spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms, the rulers that instruct those forces and the powers that rule the dark world.

The Militant Atheist

Now to the atheist, this is absolute nonsense: Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth, gnomes and fairies nonsense. Beyond that, the militant atheist possesses a militant HATRED for God, and it should be noted, hatred primarily for the God of the Christian bible as demonstrated by the clip below.

The clip features, Stephen Fry, a comedian, actor, writer, presenter and activist, who has determined that if there is a real god who created this world, that god is "maniacal, totally selfish for demanding a lifetime of worship, magnificently cruel for creating disease, natural disasters and 'insects' that afflict children, utterly monstrous for permitting all the bad with the good and deserves no respect whatsoever."

Wow. This is a man with a beef. There is the distinct flavor of self-righteous anger as he hurls names and insults in order to prove his point that the God of the Bible does not exist because of the evil and suffering that exist in the world. This is nothing new. Richard Dawkins has made a career out of this position.

For the most part, this is a common component to the militant atheist constitution. A vitriolic contempt for God peppering their boundless enthusiasm to spread the god-hating, atheist gospel as arrogantly, entertainingly, intellectually and sincerely as possible. Evilkind® takes no issue with this, nor is this the focal point of this blog post. We are just laying out a basic framework.

The Bible says that we are contending with unseen dark forces, while the non-deists proclaim that this God couldn't possibly exist for a multitude of reasons. Where does that leave us?

If we listen to the militant atheists, then everything outlined in the Bible is false. No heaven, no hell, no Triune God, no Jesus, no devil, no demons, nothing accurate that can be sourced from this book in terms of history or prophecy, no fallen world, no curse of sin, so such thing as sin for that matter, no justice, no standard for good and evil and no rational reason for why evil and suffering exist.

All we have left is the vile nature of humankind. Biologically we are all nearly alike, which means we all possess the same potential to perpetrate abject evil. Taking that further, based on a scientific understanding of the nature of man, if you took Stephen Fry or Richard Dawkins and you went back in time and had them go through the exact same circumstances that bore ISIS militants or that chick who demolished that drive-through window, you would get the same outcomes. Although at this point, the modern-day Sadducees would likely deny this logic differentiating intellect levels, societal construct proclivities, overall ability and emotional maturity on the basis of race, nationality, and/or gender.

You are therefore nothing more than the product of your genes and circumstances. Even still they will vehemently deny this all the while offering up IQ stats based on race, culture, and gender, and showering you with pseudo-rational arguments that wealth, comfort and material gain are your chief aims in life and the ability to accumulate these perks due to a superior intellect is the mark of the apex in human evolution.

They will enthusiastically point to Nietzsche as the historic moment in time that ushered in the new age of philosophy and reason, yet omit the fact that this was the same person who went mad at 44 and spent the rest of his brief life in an asylum until he died of cancer. Regardless, to the militant atheist who worships money and creature comforts, anyone bold enough to shake his fist in the face of God and declare Him dead is a genuine hero.

Without a spiritual understanding or belief based in faith, you are essentially a prisoner to your environment and your biology, to the unforgiving ceiling beating down on your intellect, defined by your race, because to them you are only as capable as your physical makeup will allow. Ultimately, according to the Atheist Gospel, you are truly a slave and there is no hope. Not only is there no hope (unless you were blessed with ideal circumstances and genes), but after all the trials, tribulations, and exposure to evil in this world, there is nothing left. Nothing worth understanding at least, in terms of spirituality and the heavens beyond, because any movement forward in that direction would completely invalidate their life's work. That is what the militant atheists are propagating, temporary bondage to this cruel world followed by annihilation.

A Tale of Possession 

So all that being said, how would the atheist interpret this story of demon possession? This was the highly publicized account of the exorcisms of Latoya Ammons in Gary, Indiana back in early 2014. What made this story go viral were the eyewitness accounts of public officials who reported watching her 9-year old son walk up a wall backwards.

Here's a link to an Indy Star article that documents Ammon's account of the tale from start to finish, "The Exorcisms of Latoya Ammons." Ammons, who was living in the house with her mother and 3 children at the time, also described seeing her 12-year-old daughter levitating above her bed, a shadowy figure pacing her room in the middle of the night and each of her kids experiencing episodes of demonic possession where their eyes would bulge, their voices would deepen and they'd flash evil smiles.

When things got even worse they called in their family doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwuand, and his associates, who witnessed Ammon's two sons fly into a demonic rage, cursing at them, and then the younger boy being lifted into the air and thrown against the wall by an unseen force.

As the story continues in the linked article, after the younger boy flew into the wall they both passed out and wouldn't wake up. The doctor called 911 and they were all whisked away to the ER. You can read the article in its entirety for sake of detail, but it's important to emphasize that when the two boys came to, the older one was talking normally, while the younger 7-year-old, who had been thrown earlier, flew into a fit of rage that took five grown men to hold him down.

After exhibiting more symptoms of possession like growling and eyes rolling into the back of their heads as they said stuff like, "It's time to die," and "I will kill you," the two boys were led into a small exam room to be interviewed. This is when the older brother, in front of the registered nurse, Willie Walker, and Child Services official, Valerie Washington, walked up a wall backwards while holding his grandmother's hand as she prayed.

They were quoted as saying, "...the 9-year old boy had a 'weird grin' and walked backward up a wall to the ceiling. He then flipped over Campbell (the grandmother), landing on his feet. He never let go of his grandmother's hand." When the cops asked if he ran up the wall performing some acrobatic trick, Washington clarified by saying, "No, the boy glided backward on the floor, wall and ceiling."

A priest was subsequently called in to perform multiple exorcisms. Charles Austin, Gary PD's Police Captain, ultimately reported to The Star that he changed his mind after visiting Ammon's house. He stated that though he initially believed Ammon and her family had made up the story for profit, after several visits to the home and interviews with witnesses he was now, "...a believer."

Our understanding of physics does not permit human bodies to glide up walls onto ceilings! How does the rational, esteemed, intellectual mind entrenched in empirical data and godlessness explain this? I'll tell you how. To them, it never happened. Everyone's lying or they didn't see what they reported to see. It was all a farce conducted by deluded people engaging in pointless activities to combat events that could never have happened the way their own eyes depicted them. Science cannot explain demonic possession, ergo it does not exist.

It's not like this was the first of its kind. Demonology has been a field of study for centuries. Documented account after account of possessions and exorcisms, all containing similarly outrageous, unbelievable events and commonalities. To the schooled, curious, and open-minded, demons are a fact of life, as real as the cup of coffee you're sipping as you read this, which brings us to the primary point of this blog post.

5 Major Signs of Demonic Possession According to Mark 5

  1. Insomnia. The plague of restlessness, being unable to sleep. In Psalm 172:2, God states, "In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat — for he grants sleep to those he loves." God grants his beloved rest, and if you're not getting any, and there are no clear medical explanations, that's not a good sign.
  2. Separating from those you love / An Incapacity for normal living. An infestation of demons limits a person's ability to interact normally with other people. They will find themselves breaking away, voluntarily seeking out solitude, while pitted with a deep sense of loneliness and no desire for change. While this may sound like your average, run-of-the-mill teenager, this is a tell-tale indicator of evil lurking within.
  3. Extreme Behavior and Unprovoked Violence. The demon-possessed very typically act out in ways you'd expect them to. Explosive rage, extreme anger and violence, crying out uncontrollably, raving and a troubled demeanor and attitude are all specific to the host of dark, destructive, spiritual parasites.
  4. A Deep Unconquerable Inner Anguish / A Fascination with Death and the Dead. Tormented on all levels, body, soul, and spirit, the afflicted suffer a persistent, unresolvable inner grief and anguish immune to any form of therapy, meds, or counseling. They also exhibit behaviors of active or passive suicide ideation as they inch closer and closer to total self-annihilation. Another aspect of this fascination with death also includes insights provided by, Pastor Perry Stone, who discussed that this fascination with the dead or unliving can also be connected to an inability to move on from the past. Haunted by past mistakes, perceived slights, negative events, broken relationships, anger, and bitterness, the demon-possessed will be unable to come to grips with these past events, incessantly living them over and over. This forces the person further into ultimate bondage and eventual suicide.
  5. Cutting and Self Mutilation. This is an obvious extension of the demon's aim to destroy the host, manifesting much more tangibly than suicide ideation. Cutting oneself is not a normal human reaction to anything. If someone is engaging in this type of activity, they are most certainly being afflicted by demonic influences, if not already fully possessed.

More Documented Symptoms of Demon Possession

Psychological Symptoms:

  • Feelings of shame or guilt that will not yield to God's forgiveness
  • Inability to experience love, peace or joy
  • A sense that you are not in control, that something else is working against you
  • An inability to change your circumstances for the better no matter how hard you try or how intense your desire for change
  • Personal, family or psychological problems that will not respond to therapy
  • Erased personality and/or memories - the person is just not themselves and has no recollection of demonic episodes
  • Knowledge of a foreign language they've had no exposure to e.g. Latin
  • Blasphemous rage and an aversion to holy relics

Physical Symptoms:

  • Rapid pupil dilations
  • Unexplained disease and illness with no obvious medical cause
  • Spontaneous muteness, deafness or blindness
  • Bodily deformities, extreme contortions
  • Severe pain, seizures and paralysis
  • The sudden appearance of lesions
  • Superhuman strength
  • Levitation


Believer or not, demonic acts of evil are a daily occurrence in our world. When ISIS lined up 100 Iraqi civilians in a trench and executed them one by one and then put the slow-motioned video to music, you can bet with 100 percent certainty that overseeing the occasion was a legion of invisible spiritual entities. And this is just one example out of hundreds, and not even close to the most horrific.

How can there not be a demonic element to murder-suicide? Or terrorism? Or the all too frequent mass shooting? Or emotional, physical, and sexual abuse? Or extreme narcissism? Or psychological warfare and manipulation?

True, bonafide, full-on demon possession is rare, but what is not rare is the lingering demonic influence that can attach to different aspects of our lives and personalities. This happens when spiritual doors are opened, forcing you out from under the umbrella of God's protection.

These doors are opened by activities, events, and inherited scenarios such as involvement with the occult, long-term, ongoing sin, trauma or victimization and/or generational curses, secret oaths, and soul ties.

Ultimately, we are granted the free will to believe whatever we want. As Stephen Fry stated in the clip above, once you remove God from the equation, everything just becomes simpler and sweeter, much more palatable. It's your choice, and no one here would ever condemn.

Our goal is simply to provide information and products designed for the betterment of your body, mind, and soul.

Evilkind®. Designed to make a statement.™


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