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A Laid Back, Evilkindy Guide to Some of LA's Best Surf Spots

As surfing is not an easy sport to pick up, the rewards of catching that wave, especially the first one, can be extremely gratifying. More recently surfing has even been used to treat PTSD sufferers as a form of therapy. And as the surfing culture can be very conducive to a sense of community, good vibes and a laid back easygoingness amongst friends, the sport is just as enjoyable and gratifying on a solitary level, when it’s just you and the ocean.

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Acting Out? Overly Narcissistic? Extreme Violent Tendencies and/or Outbursts? 5 Major Signs You May Be Demon Possessed

True, bonafide, full on demon possession is rare, but what is not rare is the lingering demonic influence that can attach to different aspects of our lives and personalities. This happens when spiritual doors are opened, forcing you out from under the umbrella of God's protection. These doors are opened by activities, events and inherited scenarios such as involvement with the occult, long-term, ongoing sin, trauma or victimization and/or generational curses, secret oaths and soul ties.

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