Just a quick update, gang, as the tempo on the war front is heating. If you haven’t heard a US ARMY RECRUITING FRENZY is beginning to take shape, which I’ll be getting to in a minute.

Concerning Israel, we’ve now heard from the main, non-Gaza-based, Hamas leader who has loudly declared that 10/7 terrorism forever is Hamas’s official position.  

Hezbollah’s top guy has also weighed in with more threats and indignation towards America in particular, the Great Devil, but what I found to be quite compelling was his need to say at least two or three times that the 10/7 Hamas Attack, aka Israel’s 9/11, was one hundred percent Palestinian. No one else was involved, it was ALL Palestinian— Planned in SECRET, okay, A HUNDRED PERCENT PALESTINIAN. 

Now who was this clarification meant for? Fox News? Newsmax? Congress? Israel? His people? Who is not already a hundred percent on board with the hundred percent Palestinian narrative? Do you see what I’m saying here? Why even say the words? 

Whatever the case, since late 2021, I have been warning folks, based on the research I did for the WW3 astrology video, about a turbulent period coming in 2024 extending until at least 2026.

And though I am aware that astrology is evil and an abomination in the eyes of the Lord, there does seem to be some substance in basic pattern recognition when it comes to these looping transits, and Neptune’s return next year at the Spring Equinox does not bode well for the world, and especially America.

If you haven’t seen the video I’m referring to, you can watch it here: https://evilkind.com/world-war-3-is-coming-according-to-the-astrology-2024-2026/.

But on the US war front, I wanted to share some media released on November 1st discussing the mad rush to fill US Army recruiter positions now underway. 

From a Military.com article titled, ‘The Army Suddenly, and Chaotically, Told Hundreds of Soldiers They Have to Be Recruiters Immediately,’ we read, “Without warning, hundreds of noncommissioned officers were ordered via email to report to the recruiting school at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in less than a week, with hundreds more set to start at the school in December — a sudden unexpected move by the Army as the service scrambles to boost its recruiting force by 800 by the end of the year.”

The Military.com article can be found here: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2023/11/01/army-suddenly-and-chaotically-told-hundreds-of-soldiers-they-have-be-recruiters-immediately.html.

According to Armytimes.com, in addition to the noncommissioned officers, or NCOs, essentially lower-ranking officers, who have been ordered to report to Fort Knox, volunteer NCOs are also being courted across the country with accelerated promotions and cash bonuses as incentives so they can meet this demand because as they emphasized they need these recruiters and they, “needs them fast.”

Naturally, the short notice has been jarring for the officers set to start training as soon as November 6th, which forced the Army’s chief of staff, Doug Stitt, to publicly apologize for the short notice and accept responsibility for the “mistake” he said was his.

Reportedly, Stitt said that “the sudden need emerged when the Army discovered it faced a recruiter shortfall due to “errors” in its forecasted recruiter strength.” 

So there you have it, the US Army is now frantically gearing up for something that we can only assume has nothing to do with peace and love, man. 

Because they are expecting an escalation in the Middle East.

On the same day that these articles came out, I happened to catch another one on Google News titled, ‘America needs to bring back the draft ([a]letter to the editor).’ 

There wasn’t much here other than some random guy, most likely a Fox News viewer, ranting about his disdain for the Pro-Palestinian poster thieves and how these un-American libtards need to be drafted and taught what it really means to be a red-blooded patriot, but it does feel like the seeds are being planted now so when something like a draft does come it’s not as much of a shock. 

And just realize, gang, that when the overlords are gathering in their cloaks and sipping from the chalice, about to get their orgy on, they’re watching clips of Americans getting into full-on mob brawls over Israeli hostage photos, that have morphed into just another Left/Right issue, they’re going like this:

Whatever the case, guys, it sure looks like the war clock is ticking in full force, and at this point, it’s certainly not going to take much for everything to go sour real quick and in the direction of Sarah Hoffman.

You can check out the Sarah Hoffman Prophecy here: https://evilkind.com/israels-war-could-lead-us-to-the-end-of-the-world-the-hoffman-end-times-prophecy-detailed/.

All I can say is, folks, make sure you stay safe out there, don’t drink and drive, and for the love of God…whatever you do, do not forget to condemn Hamas.

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