About Evilkind

Evilkind is a retail brand and media producer focused on the betterment of your body, mind, and soul. Designed to make a statement.

My name is Cam

My name is Cam

Creator • Designer • Writer • Producer • Current Address: 15 Yemen Road, Yemen

I created Evilkind® back in 2012 after coming to the stark and sobering conclusion that this world is fallen and heading toward the events outlined in the Book of Revelation. Having not been raised with God or any type of religion, it took quite a while to fully understand how SIN, embodied in the flesh and carnality, is the fundamental root of all evil, and that our only hope, both individually and collectively, is to turn Christ and away from it.

As a young person, I was fairly athletic, excelled in martial arts, and dreamed about becoming a professional skateboarder.  Having grown up playing the violin and guitar, I naturally fell into performing, singing, and songwriting and spent quite a few years pursuing this craft vigorously. I fronted bands, wrote a few tunes, and performed live whenever I could.

After completing an undergraduate degree in political science and burning myself out with music, I ended up in film school pursuing a master’s degree in film, which ultimately morphed into a fine arts degree in acting, screenwriting, and filmmaking. It was after this period that Evilkind began coming to life.

Evilkind continues to be a source of meaning, passion, and direction in my life…as I am fueled and propelled by the act of creative, artistic expression.